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* We are the first and only real estate company to dedicate themselves entirely to helping homeowners who need it.

The all you need to know website to initiate and successfully close on your short sale property. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the intricacies of this fragile and demanding process. from your tax consequence position to ensuring that you secure a ‘waiver of deficiency” so we can be sure that the bank will not pursue you personally for any shortfall.

We handle everything and can assure you that during the short sale process if we do see another option that would enable you to retain your home we will tell you. There are many people in the same situation and we understand it can be a difficult decision to have to sell your home. Opting to do a short sale on your property is nothing to be ashamed about, there are thousands of other people who have had to go through the short sale process. Also if we cannot get the short sale completed for any reason we do not stop there. As our principle we will fight exhaustively for other options to help you avoid foreclosure.


We firmly believe that our clients or even the buyers should not have to pay for short sale negotiations, that so many other companies are charging, charges that range from $1000 to $3500. At shortsaleproz we do not condone this practice. We are paid by the bank when negotiations are successful. NOT YOU OR THE BUYER.


If you have been previously denied for a short sale then please contact us we may be able to do the 1 thing somebody else couldn’t! You will find us the most understanding, professional and compassionate Realtors whose number 1 goal is to help you with your property and the financial stress that the current climate is putting on all of us. When you contact us, we will be available to talk with you personally and we guarantee to be understanding and not arrogant like so many of our competitors, who seem to have a total disregard for those people who find themselves in financial difficulties through no fault of their own.

You will not be treated like a number, but like the human being you are.

We will stand by your side through the whole process and be there to support and answer any of your questions or concerns at any time. We understand that every situation is different and that you may not be able to provide the information required in standardized paperwork. If you do not have income or recent tax returns we will understand and work around that for you.

Short Sale Proz has a small and dedicated team of highly experienced realtors who have been involved in Florida real estate for over 17 years. There are no “newbie’s” who have just obtained their licenses, just that handful of experienced realtors who specialize in helping people just like you to get out of your current circumstances and to a much less stressful frame of mind. There are many “short sale experts” according to what we see advertised and on the Internet. The truth is you need short sale experts who have a proven track history in this field and who are also diligent, compassionate and prepared to fight for your rights and well being, in short you really need us. There are numerous pages and links available, all are designed to help you understand and navigate the short sale process. Many people who find themselves in financial difficulties really do not want to look through dozens of pages to get information just to find it confusing and full of “what ifs”. Here at shortsaleproz we understand the dilemma, there’s no need to look through many pages. Contact us and we will sit personally with you and explain everything in plain English, Spanish or whatever language you may speak.

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