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Selling A Home

When it comes to selling your home there's not a lot you can say. For most people it will probably be the most important thing they sell in their lives. That is why it's so important to do it right. You don't just sort of want to sell your home, you want to do it right so your hard earned money isn't taken advantage of.

Homepride sales associates specialize in getting the highest price and best terms possible for you as a seller in the shortest time. Up until now, home sellers didn't have many options when it came to selling their homes. They could either try to sell it themselves, which we know isn't an easy task, or they could pay the obligatory 6-7% commission. Not anymore. Now you have a choice with Homepride's exclusive three option listing.

Contact a Homepride associate for more info and see how we're changing the rules.

  • Nearly two full pages in a local highly distributed real estate magazine
  • Multiple Listing Service - MLS
  • Educated contract negotiations
  • Multi-Lock access to your property
  • Arrange all showings to only qualified buyers
  • Detailed financing options
  • Scheduled open houses
  • Homepride's unique FOR SALE signs
  • Arranging of inspections, appraisals, and any necessary repairs
  • Just listed mail-outs


This may sound like a question you'll ask yourself over and over in your head. We aren't here to try to talk you out of trying. We merely want you to be informed of a few pitfalls involved with selling your own home and a few other questions you may want to consider before taking that leap.

  1. Am I familiar with today's financing, closing costs, or discount points, and am I willing to pay any of these?
  2. Am I prepared to show my home myself and expose my family to any stranger that knocks on the door?
  3. Do I know all of today's legal contract intricacies and disclosure laws, thus protecting me from any potential lawsuits?
  4. Can I qualify a buyer? Can I question where he or she works, how much they earn, how much cash they have to put down?
  5. Will I have the time and energy to put in 110% and walk away with every penny I deserve?
  6. Will I be able to deal with an experienced buyer and not waste time on looky-loos?

Other home selling facts!

  • Statistically, it takes longer to sell the home yourself
  • You’ll have to market and advertise yourself
  • You’ll sacrifice your time
  • You’ll need to correctly price your home
  • You must understand all the different financing options – there are over 60 different options
  • You must negotiate price and terms with your buyers
  • Statistically, 70% of homes sold by owners sell for less than market value. Do you know your home’s current Market Value?
  • You will need to understand the legal aspects of the transaction
  • You will need to know the legalities of a sales contract and how it will bind you and the buyers
  • You will need to arrange and complete the closing process yourself – including termite and home inspections, appraisal, title company, and repairs when required by contract.

Homepride brings experience and knowledge as your selling agent.

  • We are trained negotiators
  • We are not emotionally involved
  • We are knowledgeable of market values
  • We understand the needs of both parties – buyers and sellers

Your home is not only important for the memories, but also because it's one of the most important financial investments in your life. For this reason you want to be sure to choose the BEST: a company that has the right option for you.

Let us help you in this endeavor!

Real Estate is our life. It's how we pay our bills. Put Homepride in your corner and feel the difference.

I want to sell my home!

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